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Northeast Securities LLC-- founded in 1989 -- is a full service financial services firm serving investment professionals and financial advisors, who in turn service individual and corporate investor clients. Northeast Securities is headquartered in Mitchel Field, New York with advisors located in several states nationwide.

Northeast Securities provides a full range of financial products, services and advice through its investment professionals, who service retail and high net worth individual investors. The company offers a state of the art technology platform through Pershing, Albridge, Redtail and other highly respected partners to both advisors and investors that seek to reach and take advantage of a full range of products and services the global capital markets have to offer. Northeast Securities offerings include but are not limited to investment, savings, and cash management products. In addition, through its two wholly owned subsidiaries, Northeast Asset Management LLC and Benchmark Captial Advisors LLC, advisors and clietns have access to a full range of advisory products with the underlying support of a full and flexible technology platform that facilitates the management and safe keeping of end-client assets. Our fully integrated technology, product and service support platform, couples with our experience enable our investment professionals and advisors to provide a full range of life-cycle investment and related savings seices to our investor clients. Equally importantly, investor client assets are safely custodied with Pershing, a BNY Mellon Company, the largest clearing company and largest Global custodian in the world respectively. Northeast Securities is a member of FINRA.



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